Gas distribution and wholesale in Angra do Heroísmo


Frederico A Vasconcelos Herdeiros Lda



About Us

A descendant of a wholesale family business, Mr. Frederico Pereira de Vasconcelos was destined to follow in the steps of his great-grandfather Luís José de Vasconcelos, who arrived at the Azores in the 18th century and contributed to the development the archipelago's industry.

His father, Mr. Frederico Pereira de Vasconcelos, was born on 7/5/1897, in the Municipality of S. Roque, in Lisbon, and passed away on 5/3/1979, at the age of 81. Mrs. Emília Adelaide de Freitas, his mother, was born in the Municipality of Arroios, Lisbon, on 6/10/1894, a classically educated, high society woman, known for her talent as a pianist.
The products and commercial activities of Casa Frederico A. Vasconcelos go back as far as 200 years of business all throughout the Azores and Madeira archipelagos and the Mainland. It is, therefore, impossible to list all of them exhaustively.

The many commercial activities of this company include: Commercial and retail trade; Consignment-Exports; Fábrica do Álcool; Chicory; Baking; Roasting of Grain; Lacticínia Insular Lda; Fábrica do Pirolito; Wicker work; Tiles and Bricks; Beer bottling; Brooms; Wines and Liqueurs; Vinegar; Butane Gas; Carnaçor–Azorean Meat Company; Dataçor–Organização e Informática dos Açores Lda; Asfaltos; Oils; among other activities.

Historical Approach